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Can I use a lift with these covers?

Yes, however, because of the heavy-duty aluminum hinge used in every Advanced Spa Cover, not all lifts are compatible. The key point is the thickness of the metal pipe or bar that runs across the center hinge that is common to most lifts available. If your lift has a pipe or bar that runs across the center hinge, that pipe cannot have a circumference larger then .75”. Use of a lift with a pipe thicker than .75” will void the warranty. Advanced Spa Covers offers and recommends several brands and styles that work best with our hinge style. Please visit our Lift section for more details.

My old cover is water logged and heavy. What do I do?

This is the key reason why our inventor invented the Advanced Spa Cover. A water-soaked foam core has lost practically all of its R-value wasting energy and your money. A water-soaked foam core is actually designed to rain the disgusting water that collects inside it down into the hot tub. This nasty water drips right into the same water that you soak in. We highly recommend immediate replacement for health, financial and environmental reasons. Henry Ford once said, “you can either buy a new one now, or you can not buy a new one and pay for it anyways”. The energy savings of a new cover will pay for itself.

How do I measure for a new cover to make sure it fits properly?


Thank you for asking. A proper fit will make sure that our patent protected gasketing fits tight all around. The most accurate method to measure the corner radius is to use a ruler and square as shown. The hot tub in this photo has a corner radius of about 4″. Please see our ordering page to enter the appropriate dimensions

How are you more ‘Environmentally Friendly’?

This is very important to us at Advanced Spa Covers and we have lots of information on this subject. Our patent protected design allows us to use 1/3rd less insulation to produce each cover while increasing the energy efficiency at the same time. Using less insulation reduces the impact on our resources. Being more energy efficient saves energy and money. Old water-logged EPS filled covers are not recyclable. We do not use any Styrofoam (EPS) in the manufacture of our covers. The State of California has shown that over 120,000 old dead hot tub covers are tossed into our landfills Every Single Month because they only last a few short years! Laid end to end, these old covers would cover a strip of our mother earth’s surface 4,364 miles long in just one year. In 3 years, you could pave a highway with these old hot tub covers stretching from Seattle to Miami, Four Times Over! All Advanced Spa Covers are warranted to last a Lifetime, ending this huge threat against nature. Moisture filled EPS foam is a terrible insulator and the traditional cover loses practically all R-value in a very short time because of this. The insulative core of an Advanced Spa Cover never allows moisture to enter because our vapor barrier is up to 35 times thicker than the competition. There are three ways heat is lost, Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. “R-Values” measure heat loss via “Conduction” only. However, most of all heat lost from a hot tub is through convection and radiation! Patent protected features of the Advanced Spa Cover help to reduce heat loss from your hot tub through all 3 means of heat transfer. The traditional cover does not.

What is the R-value of your covers?

We believe that all spa cover manufacturers should have to abide with total public disclosure of the true energy efficiency of their covers. Many tricks are used to fool the unwary public in this regard. A quick example of this is the calculation of the R-value. Most manufactures quote you the total R-value based on a 4” thick cover, but the average thickness is really only 3” on the typical 2” to 4” tapered cover. The Styrofoam used in a traditional cover offers an R-value of about 3.8 per inch, x 3” = 11.4 R-value in your typical traditional cover. Advanced Spa Covers do NOT use Styrofoam. Our covers come standard with 2lb rigid XPS insulation and patent protected “thermo-pocket” dead-air spaces trapped inside a vapor proof shell. All combined our standard R-value is a minimum of R-18. With all energy saving options included, an Advanced Spa Cover is available with R-values as high as R-45.

How do I clean the cover?

Cleaning an Advanced Spa Cover is as easy as cleaning a car, a table, or a counter top. No common and commercially available soaps and cleaners will harm the finish, however, we recommend minimum scrubbing with an abrasive cleanser such as Comet as it may eventually effect the shine. Feel free to use a pressure washer as well, or simply hose it off with a garden hose and broom. The “Titan Tough” outer shell is made to handle this.

How do I dispose of my old cover?

Unfortunately, very few recyclers will take an old cover that has been waterlogged or steam saturated. This is a key reason to stop buying the old traditional style of cover.

Are you able to make covers in a custom size?

Yes, we do custom sizes of all shapes and styles. Send us your specifications for a personalized quote

I am looking to have a custom design carved into my new cover - how does that work?

We offer several designs in stock for immediate delivery. If you are looking to have a custom design carved, simply send your art work and files to for a prompt quote.

My old cover allowed steam to escape through the hinge area in the middle. How does yours stop this?

Every Advanced Spa Cover comes standard with a geared, continuous leaf, heavy duty, corrosion resistant aluminum hinge. This hinge leaves only a .25” wide gap when the traditional cover has a gap of up to 1.5”. The quarter inch gap left by our metal hinge is fully gasketed all across the center seam. This gasket is then pinched by the hinge when closed offering a vapor tight seal.

Will your covers soak up water like all of my old ones have?

Every Advanced Spa Cover comes standard with a vapor barrier that is up to 35 times thicker than the traditional covers vapor barrier. The Advanced Spa Cover has a minimum vapor barrier of 65 mils. Your traditional cover offers vapor barriers of 2 to 4 mils standard. The materials use as the vapor barrier of an Advanced Spa Cover is commonly used to protect buoys floating in the ocean for decades with no damage.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer the industries only Lifetime Warranty. We can do this because of our superior strength, extremely thick vapor barrier, Titan Tough outer protective shell, and our hinge and gasketing details. Please see our warranty page for full details

How long will it take for me to receive my new cover from you?

In stock colors and sizes can be shipped the very next business day. The average delivery time is just two weeks for custom orders. Adding extra options and features such as custom colors, custom carvings and patterns into the top, and custom decals, can add to these expected times based on the complexity of your designs. We offer an expected delivery date on all custom orders too.

I am looking for a custom color - how does that work?

Simply email us your color choice and we can match it. Use of a standard PMS color number or a Sherwin Williams paint color is preferred.


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