Walnut Brown

Walnut Brown

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Advanced Spa Cover - Walnut Brown
Any size and shape up to 8’ x 8’ – If your cover is larger than this, please fill out a contact form on the Contact page.

Available in 4 standard skirting colors:
Walnut Brown - Black - Charcoal Gray - Prestige Gray
One aluminum geared and pin-less continuous hinge rated for up to 400 lbs

Included standards:
2” to 4” taper
4” skirting in matching colors
4 Tie-down straps
The Advanced Spa Cover 100% seamless outer shell
The highest R-ratings in the industry
The only Lifetime Warranty available anywhere
High density insulation with no EPS
Laminated Core Technology for added strength
4 recessed handles

Add 6″ Skirting

Please note: Other companies offer for additional charges, a thicker cover option, typically a 3″ to 5″ taper or 4″ to 6″ taper. We do not because our standard 2″ to 4″ taper out-performs their 3″ to’ 5 & even their 4″ to 6″ models in energy saving performance and weight supporting abilities saving you this added expense.

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