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The Future of Hot Tub Covers


The Last Cover You’ll Ever Buy


Simply the BEST

Our customers are the cornerstone of our success. Our goal is to provide the most durable, economic, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly hot tub cover available in the market.

Why Choose Us

We invented a damage resistant, 100% leak-proof, heat insulated, lightweight cover that comes with a one-of-a-kind lifetime warranty. By adding a personal touch, your custom cover will be unique to you. We are the only factory to offer textured surfaces, custom edging, and full Pantone/Paint Swatch matching, allowing you to customize your cover like never before.

We offer an alternative to approve energy efficiency, as more than 95% of spas in America use EPS foam/vinyl for a cover choice. 75% of those foam spa covers currently in use are water permeated enough to cost more to heat the spa than when new.

We use sustainable solutions for safely and effectively insulating without polystyrene foam while adopting scientific principals to minimize heat transfer, conduction, convection, and radiant heat loss. Our design utilizes chambered air amid radiant air barriers that won’t gain water weight.

ASC Custom


The only cover with a 100% seamless, cut, scratch, and tear resistant, protective outer shell that will not leak, and wall to wall aerospace technology and patent protected honeycomb sandwich panel support structure with “thermo-cell” energy saving efficiency.


For the first time, possibilities are endless in perfecting your hot tub cover. We offer endless options with color, texture, patterns, decals, edging, and many other exclusive features to achieve your dream cover.

Environmentally friendly

We use no EPS Foam and 1/3rd less materials in every cover. We offer the most energy efficient and strongest cover available. Our 100% Vapor-proof outer shell, the only Seamless cover available, is guaranteed to last as long, if not longer than your hot tub.

Lifetime Guaranteed

We take pride in giving you the perfect cover and believe it should last longer than conventional covers. Because of this, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our covers. For more information on what our warranty covers, please visit the Support tab.


Using aerospace technology and materials, our team has successfully designed a spa cover with industrial strength, that has the beauty and style to match any decor.